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  • Don’t let theater’s fall show hop away

    Coppell junior Sean Pompey as Dr. Lyman Sanderson, interacts with CHS9 student Max Victory as Dr. William Chumley in the fall show “Harvey” on Oct. 7. The Cowboy Theatre Company fall show ran from Oct. 6-8 in the Black Box Theatre at Coppell High School. Originally posted 2023-10-26 15:05:28.

  • Hop into theater department’s ear-resistible fall production “Harvey”

    The lights dim and in a horror-movie fashion the door creaks open. The open frame reveals… Not a single person. Or rabbit. Only footsteps and a momentous closing indicates that something had opened the door.  Unlike a typical movie, however, laughs follow. It is that energy of laughter that sets the tone for the rest…