Holiday House brings winter spirit to community through handcrafted goods

When you walk into Coppell High School’s North Entrance the day of the Holiday House event, you will see a vendor selling cosmetics on your left, and a vendor selling purses on your right. 

As you walk further into the CHS Commons, you are surrounded by the aroma of baked goods, colorful jewelry and clothing, and festive Christmas music playing in the background.

Project Graduation held its 28th annual Holiday House Event on Sunday in the CHS Commons from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It included numerous vendors from small businesses selling handmade goods to sell to Coppell residents for a $5 admission fee.

The $5 entrance fee goes to Project Graduation to fund senior graduation events.

The event was organized and set up by the CHS PTSO along with volunteers from the National Charity League. Volunteers arrived at 2 p.m. on Saturday to set up booths for the vendors.

“I have a daughter [Mia Hollen] who is a senior this year, and I volunteered because I wanted her and all of the other seniors to have a fun and safe graduation experience at the end of the year,” PTSO member Lisa Hollen said.

Vendors sold handmade goods ranging from jewelry to candles to confections. Many attended Holiday House to sell their products as potential gifts for the holiday season.

“I sell hand poured epoxy resin pieces, so everything is handmade and original,” vendor Jamie Owen said. “I think they make excellent gifts because everyone is looking for that one of a kind gift, and that makes them really good to sell at Holiday House.” 

Many businesses at Holiday House, such as Bound Jewelry Bar LLC, are run by Coppell families.

“My sister, Heather Almanza, and I run this business together, and we are both Coppell Natives, so we thought it would be fun to be part of Holiday House,” vendor Christina Almanza said. 

Attendees noted the comforting holiday feeling, and admired the community aspect it brought to CHS.

“I came here with my mom when I was in high school every year,” Coppell resident Christa Wagner said. “Now it is an annual tradition to come here with my kids to kick off the holiday season.”


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Originally posted 2023-11-13 20:37:00.