Regional school boards meet to maintain high-quality education for all children

The North Texas Area Association of School Boards met on Sept. 20 in the Coppell High School Large Commons to share resources provided by the Texas Association of School Boards. The meeting connected Regions 10 and 11 school boards in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Coppell is at a central location in the Metroplex,” Coppell ISD trustee Anthony Hill explained. “It’s a great location for members of Regions 10 and 11 to come together.”

The TASB is a private nonprofit organization with two primary focuses. The first is advocating for Texas school districts at the state capitol, which often consists of funding for teachers and school-based resources. The second is making it less expensive for schools to operate by turning their attention to eco efficiency.

The TASB and its offshoot, NTAASB, overall goal is to achieve a proper standard for education through all Texas school districts, according to TASB executive director Dr. Dan Troxell .

“[The TASB operates with] the belief that every child should have high quality education no matter their circumstance,” Dr.Troxell said.

TASB also puts an emphasis on funding rural school districts. Smaller high schools with less than 1,000 students can get overlooked in terms of funding. Often smaller schools require teachers and administrators to take on multiple roles to account for the lack of government allocated resources.

As technology-based learning becomes a greater concern with online standardized testing, rural school districts struggle with a lack of Wi-Fi access.

“We have another part of the team that puts cellphone towers at school campuses, particularly in rural parts of the state where there is no connectivity,” Dr. Troxell said.

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Originally posted 2023-10-05 14:38:30.